6 colours to use in graphic
design 2023


Color is a highly effective design tool. A strong grasp of color and its functions can enhance the visual experience by driving emotions, setting the mood, conveying tone, and shaping messaging. Color plays a major role in determining graphic design trends, aesthetics, mood, and consumer behavior.

Get ready for a splash of color in 2023! After the subdued hues of recent years, the design world is embracing bold and optimistic palettes. Expect to see a mix of bright, nostalgic tones reminiscent of the early 2000s and deep, contemplative color schemes. From Barbie Pink to Digital Lavender, the bright tones of 2023 encourage self-expression and limitless creativity. Meanwhile, vintage oak and forest green bring a grounding effect with their intense and realistic vibe. Embrace the contrast of light and shade in this exciting year of color trends.

Here are the 6 colours of 2023 we are looking to be popular.

Ready to Red

Red is making a statement in 2022. It’s taking over fashion runways and appearing on celebrity style ensembles. Stars like Rihanna, Sophie Turner, and Bella Hadid have been seen donning the hue, which is also being showcased in Autumn/Winter collections by top fashion houses such as Alaïa, Versace, and Max Mara. Red evokes intense emotions like power, passion, danger, and courage. This is clearly reflected in Dior’s Fall 22 Ready-to-Wear campaign, where models strike powerful poses inspired by female artworks, against a bold red background, symbolizing strength and empowerment.

Coloro points to Luscious Red, while Pantone’s attention-grabbing Cherry Red is one of 2023’s most striking hues.

Barbie Pink

Get ready to embrace your inner Prom Queen with the return of the pink trend. Inspired by the upcoming live-action Barbie Movie, the color pink is making a comeback in fashion and design. This trend also highlights the Y2K revival, giving a nostalgic twist to sickly sweet shades of pink, purple, and lilac. Check out graphicapital’s Instagram Set for a playful and colorful nod to the early 2000s, featuring vibrant pixel art.

Zesty Orange

Orange is making a comeback in the world of logo design, quickly becoming the go-to color for vintage branding. Its versatility allows it to pair well with greens and India yellows or stand alone. In fact, it was one of the top-used logo colors, seen in bold tiger orange and playful tangerine hues.

Lady in Blue

Mid-century design is back and better than ever! Its timeless appeal and sophisticated aesthetic are reflected in the latest color trends, featuring clean lines and muted hues that offer a touch of class. Designers can still experiment with bold graphic shapes and accent colors, like tangerine, lime, and cobalt, while maintaining that mid-century look. The mixing of natural colors like redwood and taupe with bright pops of color results in a beautiful and stylish color palette.

Buttercream beige and maroon

Mid-century design has influenced the latest color trend as well. Meet the Buttercream Beige. This warm, luxurious hue is versatile and perfect for a neutral base in design. It pairs well with both bold and deeper colors to create a harmonious palette.

Magical Magenta

Of course, we must mention this colour. Magenta has a life of its own, separate from its red roots. The Pantone Color Institute has declared Viva Magenta as the Color of the Year 2023 for its joyous and dynamic qualities. This red hue with a hint of purple enhances a wide range of color schemes, from rich jewel tones to lighter earthy shades. As virtual reality continues to play a larger role in our daily lives, Viva Magenta inspires exploration and thrives in both the virtual and real worlds.

So what color are you ready to embrace in 2023? Will it be a bold, playful shade like Viva Magenta or a timeless classic like Buttercream Beige? The choice is yours! What color are you most excited to incorporate into your design work this year?

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