Trends in graphic design 2023

Interesting trends in design that will be popular in 2023


In our fresh roundup of graphic design trends, we looked at seven of the most interesting trends that will be popular in 2022 and which we will use in our work. The trends turned out to be very different, and some of them seem completely incompatible within the framework of using them in one project. Nevertheless, we are happy with the glorious return of some styles and design techniques that we will definitely use in our work.

1: 90s / MTV / Bubble Boom / Cyberpunk

Designers are fond of graphic techniques and design solutions of the past decades. This occasion has led the industry to the fact that today we have at our disposal a cocktail of styles that are difficult to combine into a single system. The “Matrix” appears on the screens – in global trends we can see cyberpunk and glitchpunk. Bold, acidic colours from MTV parties and Terry Rogers’ photography inspiration — it was cringe five years ago and now it’s back in the projects of the most prominent designers, photographers and illustrators.

90s / MTV / Bubble Boom / Cyberpunk

2: Maximalism in packaging

Minimalism is a versatile global trend that has remained popular over the years. Nowadays, maximalism in packaging, which is also called the “visual renaissance” is becoming popular. After a period of functional simplicity and restraint, flat geometric images are now replaced by vibrant diversity. Maximalism allows designers to use fantasy to their fullest, abandon conventions, ignore accepted boundaries and finally allow themselves a creative excessesion.

Maximalism in packaging

3: Expressive lettering

A common love for some fonts remains the same from year to year, and some of them are updated due to certain events. Two years of a pandemic, isolation, lack of emotion – this led to the popularization of expressive fonts. They are imperfect, but they evoke emotion and this is their main task! It could be a couple of letters, a small text, a single word, or even just a single letter, that transfers the message. Expression is the perfect way to highlight something specific and the most perfect way to grab the audience attention.

Expressive lettering

4: Anti-design and grunge

Graphic design nowadays is full of imitation of trends and the principles of building forms and layouts by analogy with web design. Strict rules and guidelines, focused on the usability of the product, have helped us to create universal interfaces. It’s okay because they are easy for the average user to understand. However, in the creative industries monotony leads to revolutions and today we increasingly see examples of anti-design, where the principles of composition and layout are inverted, where textures and fonts do not match. As with expressive fonts, there is a certain beauty in this imperfection.

Anti-design and grunge

5: Escapism and magical realism

Like many other people, designers are tired of isolation. In their projects, people are looking for creative revelation and the opportunity to switch to something new. Fantastic plots, a fairy tale and a free flight of imagination – the resulting designs reflect the modern escapism that creative personalities aspire to. This trend is characterized by unexpected colours and characters, intriguing imagery and dense patterns, in which the viewer can dissolve and indulge in fantasy.

Escapism and magical realism

6: Risography and print style

Some trends are referred to popular art techniques. Some of them were popular five years ago, and some of them boldly go back decades and still fully resonate with the audience and among professionals. Now designers are returning to risograph style and magazine style in illustration. The risograph was created for office copying, but it has become a popular tool among artists and designers who love it for its unique bright colours, for small artefacts and defects in ink overlay, for colour duplication, expressive and interesting textures.

Risography and print style

7: Art deco

With vibrant colours, grunge and anti-design aesthetics, psychedelic illustrations and patterns, this trend stand out from the rest. Clean and strong lines, clear organization of space, understandable rhythm, and sublime lightness – this is all characteristic of a modern rethinking of classic Art Deco. This artistic style appeared at the beginning of the twentieth century, and its philosophy is still relevant today: modernism, strength, dignity, stability. This is a great style that works with symmetry, geometry, and simple shapes. Art Deco boldly takes anti-traditional images and gives them shape, transforming them into understandable geometric shapes, bold and pleasing outlines.

Art deco

8: Universal trends

Of course, some trends will remain relevant in 2022 exactly as they have been popular over the past years and decades. In graphic and web interface design, we can expect understated and functional minimalism. It is worth paying attention to motion and 3D illustrations, which will continue to be popular incorporate corporate identity, in the design of social networks and in other communication materials. Let’s not forget about eco-friendly & sustainable design, which in terms of visuals will be accompanied by images of plants, soft pastel colours and the general aesthetics of environmentalism.

All these trends are well known to us and will continue to be a relevant solution for all design tasks via PG, but in the new year, it is worth trying something new and making sure that there is nothing better than the graphic variety that adorns the world around us and does not let us get bored.

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